Get Involved in LHTE

While attending the show or exhibiting are traditional options, there are more exciting opportunities available. Immerse yourself in on-site experiences, participate in exclusive events and competitions, or showcase your thought leadership. Forge partnerships and explore sponsorship possibilities to align with LHTE and accomplish your company's objectives. LHTE offers a diverse range of avenues for your company to thrive.

Create unforgettable experiences

Contribute to the unique content and narrative LHTE creates through conference sessions, events, competitions and more.

Start or Join a Competition

LHTE is the global stage for innovation, making it an ideal opportunity to channel that spirit of innovation into a friendly competition. Why not pit your innovative ideas against others to determine who has the potential to make the most significant impact?


Co-Locate Your Event

Leverage the power of LHTE as we convene the entire Life and Health Technology ecosystem to Hong Kong for three days of intense business, networking and collaboration. Bring your event to LHTE, or create something unique just for LHTE.


Speaking at LHTE

Global innovation will achieve its fullest potential by embracing individuals from all backgrounds. LHTE provides a platform for industry experts at every stage of their careers, from startups to global brands.


Grow Your Brand

Discover the ways in which LHTE can collaborate with you to enhance the reputation and growth of your brand and business.

Partner with Us

LHTE offers programs that extend numerous benefits to delegation leaders and health-related associations, granting them an exceptional opportunity to actively participate in LHTE.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Amplify your influence and effectively reach key stakeholders and decision makers by showcasing your name and logo prominently at the event. It’s a compelling strategy to reinforce your message and build a strong presence.


Exhibitor Media Exposure

With a range of events, media lists, and effective strategies for engaging with the media, we provide you with the necessary tools and opportunities to ensure that your story garners attention from the media during LHTE.